ENM Lifestyle, Self-Discovery, Fantasy 

& Erotic Romance 

“Something in me had changed. Shifted somehow. Maybe it was my newfound identity, maybe it was realizing I’d had it all along.”

“Now I knew it was my fate, not my fault, and I felt so free.”

“I was always naked first. I liked it that way too. I liked the feeling of being raw and open and rare, different from everyone else. This was a new feeling and the first moment I felt it I was sad that I’d only just then become acquainted with it.”

In this steamy second book of the Demon Esha Trilogy, Rachel’s entire outlook on life changes in the blink of an eye leaving her feeling alone and shattered. As she searches for answers, she risks losing the relationships she’s made along the way. Esha tries to coax and guide her but Rachel is different now. Will Rachel melt under the impending pressure, or will she allow herself to grow and change and be forged into someone better? Will she push her handsome husband away in the process of finding herself? Buckle up as this sultry ride with Rachel and Esha is a bumpy one!

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“Desire poured from her body.
It made sense that her name meant desire.
She made my soul smolder.”