Erotic Romance Author Mel S. 

The first time I sang karaoke I was in a bar in Jamaica. I’d had plenty of liquid courage in the delicious form of chocolate martinis. I met a lady who was so carefree and bubbly. She was beautiful and graceful. Her ambiance was contagious. She was vacationing at the same resort as me. Her father was getting married, and she was there with him. I smiled and sang along quietly as she danced and rocked the karaoke stage. The next thing I knew she was standing in front of me, pulling me up to her and asking me what song I wanted to sing. I shyly declined. Karaoke was for brave, talented people. Not me. She persisted until I was right up there with her. Together, we danced and belted out Bonjovi lyrics. That moment has been forever etched in my mind. She made me feel brave. I was brave. I am brave! And I don’t even know her name.

I often wonder about her, my mystery friend who filled my life with such intense invigoration. She was inspiring in a way I’d only ever yearned for and when she forced me out of my comfort zone on the couch, I realized I did not want to sit on the sidelines forever. I wanted to dance. I wanted to sing. I wanted to laugh and feel uninhibited. If you’re reading this, my karaoke friend, thank you! Thank you for jump-starting my soul!

My erotic romance books are a journey in the Ethically Non-Monogamous (ENM) Lifestyle, including the world of swingers, those in open relationships, and those exploring their sexualities without specific labels. They contain elements of paranormal fantasy as well! 



This book is the first in my life-long endeavor to be a writer. It is, however, so much more than that. This book is my inner, repressed self finally shining brightly, unafraid. This book is a little girl, staring out the car window, fearlessly embracing her dreams and ignoring the doubts of others.

My writing career began in elementary school where I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who fostered my imagination. I would write until she told me I needed to take a break. Mostly I would write about horses and young love. When I was a teenager I started writing a novel that I later abandoned as my horizons widened. I became addicted to writing poetry. I would write by moonlight every chance I could. Writing became my only way to truly express myself.

My husband and I have been married for fourteen years and have been on many fun adventures together. We like to say we work hard and play harder. We have raised four kids and could write a book just based on the roller coaster ride of parenting but that would be for a different genre. Many times I have warned wandering eyes to stay away from my writing as it is not for kids to read. I think they have heeded my advice so far, but I hope if they ever do read my books, they will just be proud that their mom was strong and brave and lived her dreams. It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book. I have always wanted to walk into a bookstore and pick up a book written by me!

To say I am nervous about publishing these books would be an understatement, but I have learned it’s the things that scare me the most in life that are really worth doing. I hope those who read my book and connect with it are happy they stumbled across it.